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Susana Capela, MD

Bone Densitometry

Higher Education
  • Graduate in Medicine from the School of Medicine of the Univeristy of Lisbon (FML), with a final grade of 17.0 points (range 0-20)(2000).
  • Post-Graduation / Specialization Course in Sciences of Pain  (2010).
Postgraduate Education
  • Rheumatology Resident in the University Hospital of Santa Maria (HSM) (2003 to 2008).
  • Visiting Clinical Fellow- Rheumatology Department, Cochin Hospital, Paris (EULAR Center of Excellence), with experience in Densitometry (2007).
  • Densitometry Certification by the International Osteoporosis Foundation  (IOF) (2010).
  • Consultant Degree in Rheumatology (2018).
Previous Medical and Scientific Jobs
  • Tutor in the Anatomy 1995 to 1996).
  • Researcher, Biochemistry Department, Vascular Biopatholgy and Microcirculation Unit, FML (1996 to 2001).
  • Guest lecturer of  Biochemistry in FML in 3 distint areas: Integrated Master in Medicine,  Graduation in Nutrition and Graduation in Sciences of Health) (2003 to 2018).
  • Attending Physician in Rheumatology, HSM, CHULN (2008 to 2018).
  • Responsbile for the “Foot Outpatient Clinic”, Department of Rheumatology, HSM CHULN (2011 to 2017).
  • Grants/Awards
    • 2 Grants of GAPIC in Basic Research Science, FML.
    • Grant of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation for a clinical clerkship in Rheumatology in Cochin Hospital, Paris (2007).
    • EULAR Grant as General Secretary of the Portuguese League Against Rheumatic Diseases, (LPCDR), for the First Self-Help Portuguese Course for Rheumatic patients. (2008). 
Present Job
  • Clinical Activity
    • Graduated Assistant of Rheumatology of the HSM, CHULN, with the degree of Consultant in Rheumatology. Experience in General Rheumatology, Osteodensitometry, Osteoporosis, Day Hospital and Diagnostic and Therapeutic Interventions in Rheumatology (since 2018).
    • Responsible for the “Preconception Counceling Clinic” and theResponsável pela Consulta “Pré-concepcional de doenças reumáticas” e pela Consulta “Pregnancy and Rheumatic Diseases Clinic”, Rheumatology Department, HSM, CHULN (since 2017).
    • Responsible for the “Osteoarthitis and Mycrocristaline (Gout) Clinic”  Rheumatology Department, HSM, CHULN (since 2011).
    • Rheumatology Consultant, HSM, CHULN (desde 2011).
    • Member of the Portuguese Society of Rheumatology.
  • Teaching activity
    • Guest lecturer of Rheumatology of FML (since 2003).
    • Lecturer in Master Courses and PostGraduation Courses in the filed Rheumatology, in Medicine and Nursing.
    • Training Advisor in Rheumatology of Rheumatology Residents and of General Practionning, and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Residents.
  • Scientific Research
    • Researcher, Rheumatology Research Unit, Lisboa Academic Medical Center, and member of the European EULAR Task Force for the treatment of Pain in Osteoarthitis and Inflammatory Arthritis by health professionals (since 2018). 
    • Participation in clinical national and international multicentric clinical studies (since 2003).
    • Publication of articles in national and international peer review magazines.
    • Author of chapters of national reference books in Rheumatology.
    • Regular participation in national and international courses and congresses, with the presentation of oral communications, posters and lectures, as weel as as a moderator).